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About Your Photographer: Matt Miller

Matt has been involved with art his entire life. From taking pictures with his 35mm film camera (that’s right, he loved photography WAY before digital) and creating oil paintings, to crafting cigar box guitars and drawing in sketch books, he truly has a creative eye that gives his pictures a unique and artistic, yet clean and classic feel. And while Matt does have a talent that simply can’t be taught, he’s had his fair share of training and education to refine and perfect those skills!

What’s it Mean for You?

When you partner with SmashHouse, we combine your passion for your business with our photography know-how to deliver the perfect mix of art, creativity, talent, and technology. If you’re looking to up your branding game, increase your sales with sharp, clean photography, or maybe you’re just looking for a person to talk to about your vision – then give us a call or shoot us an email. We’re always there to talk.

Why SmashHouse Photography?

SmashHouse Photography takes your industry know-how and combines it with our knowledge of the photography world and creates unique and crystal-clear photos that accurately represent your brand and image.

Some people prefer a more hands on approach while others like us to handle all the details. Sometimes sessions are held on location while others shoots are managed in our studio. Regardless of the situation, know that the images you receive will be tailored specifically to your needs and budget. Oh, and we always have fun.

Sure, stock photography is a cheap solution but is often flat and uninspired. Custom photography from “the big guys” can cost you “the big bucks.” SmashHouse fills that gap between the cheap and the overpriced to deliver amazing, customized photographs without blowing out your budget.

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Get ready for a professional and unique kind of experience with a refreshing new take on photography.

No licensing fees. No royalty fees. No other hidden fees. We like to keep it simple and straightforward so you can focus on what's most important - your business!
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