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On-Site and Online Photography Solutions

You’re probably on this website checking out our galleries, looking at our work, and finding out who we are so you can find that perfect photographer that can capture and meet your business objectives flawlessly. Whether you need us on-site to capture images of your business, food, and products, or you prefer a solution that allows you to mail in your products and let us take it from there, SmashHouse works alongside you as business partners to achieve a common goal.

Our process starts by listening to your wants and your needs long before we even pick up a camera. We talk to you like real people with real expectations, concerns, timelines and budgets – we get it, we’ve been there before, too. Our laid-back and personable personalities make you feel like your working with partners, not some random strangers. And, since we’ve worked from the bottom up, taken no shortcuts and learned everything the hard (aka the RIGHT) way, we fully understand the importance of listening and delivering a quality photograph that reflects what you want – not what we want.

Food Photography

Food-lovers rejoice! Get ready for a new kind of
photographic experience.

Deliciously detailed imagery

Restaurants, menus, food blogs, advertising, cookbooks, magazines & more

Beverage Photography

Let us help you create images that go down smooth
every time.

Quench Your Thirst

The beauty is in the detail. At SmashHouse, we capture every. little. detail.

Product & Commercial

Boost your business with beautifully detailed
commercial imagery.

Send in or we travel to you.

Attract. Engage. Maintain. Winback. Let us be a part of your customer’s journey.

Sporting & Events

Are you catchin' what we're pitchin'? If you're not,
you should.

Capture every moment

Professional & minor league sports, business conferences & parties. We do ’em all.

Photos on White

You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into building your business and brand. Don’t break down all that hard work with generic stock images. Professional photography not only showcases the real products and people you work with, it allows you to accurately represent your brand in the best possible light.

Product on white photography is best used in catalogs, online sales, marketing materials, and websites. It allows you to display your photos on white backgrounds quickly, cleanly and easily.

What Client’s Say

These folks are really creative behind the lens and have an awesome eye for photography!

Love, love, love times a thousand!! Your pictures are amazing!